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School Health and Wellness at Glenwood

School health is the link between health and learning. The role of the School Nurse is dedicated to improving the health and educational success of children through assessing the health needs of the school community and providing interventions that maximize student achievement. Key areas of assessment include reviewing existing health conditions and current immunization records. Individual Health Plans may be developed to keep students safe and healthy at school. Common health conditions that may need a Health Plan include: Asthma, Diabetes, Severe Food Allergies and Seizure Disorders. Medication use at school can also be managed and directed by the School Nurse. Screenings for VIsion, Hearing, and Dental Health may be coordinated through School health according to state guidelines. In the event of illness or injury, the School Nurse is available to provide and coordinate care and balance attendance needs with a safe return to school.

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     Enterovirus D68                                                                                                                         Services 
     Measles Outbreak 2015                                                                                                            Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools
     Communicable Disease Notices                                                                                                _____________________________
     Garrett's Law                                                                                                                             Vivian Quimbaya-Winship
     Health Plans                                                                                                                              Nurse
     Health Requirements for School Entry                                                                                      Glenwood Elementary School