The purpose of our educational program is to provide our students with the appropriate opportunities to develop or acquire the attitudes, knowledge, and skills that will enable them to become successful life-long learners and productive, caring members of society.

Our Beliefs

  • Students have different capabilities, interests, and needs and it is the responsibility of our faculty to accommodate these differences while challenging each student to achieve his/her full potential.
  • We celebrate the cultural diversity of our student population and take every opportunity to incorporate that diversity into our students’ social and intellectual development.
  • We believe that a caring, nurturing environment is important for effective learning. This atmosphere is created by ensuring that students have caring staff that provide enrichment and family resources as well as encourage parental and community support.

School Song

Dear old Glenwood we are proud of you
As we raise our voices high
You are noble, true and dear to us
As we praise you to the sky
You bring laughter bright and smiles so true
and friendships long years through
Dear old Glenwood you will always be
the number one for me


The first bell rings each morning at 7:40 AM. Students arriving to class following the bell at 7:50 AM are considered tardy. Students are dismissed at 2:30 PM. Students riding a car from school in the afternoon should be picked up by 2:50 PM. The main office is open from 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM.