Central Office Hours for Spring Break (3/30-4/3)
M-W: 7:30AM-5PM, Thurs. 7:30AM-2PM, Fri. closed

Upcoming Events: Board Meeting, April 9

School Make-Up Days Listed / 

Días para recuperar días de no escuela

Schools in Session on  March 27 - No Teacher Workday / 27 de marzo - Escuelas estarán abiertas y en sesión - No habrá día de trabajo para maestros



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Congratulations - Read Full Article

Congratulations to Carla Gilchrist, Teacher of the Year, Mary Battista, Classified Employee of the Year, and Patty Moore, Exceptional Children/Support Services Employee of the Year.

Help us celebrate Glenwood's diversity at the annual Multicultural Gala - Thursday, April 9, 6pm-7:30pm - Read Full Article

The Multicultural Gala is a hugely popular annual event at Glenwood, celebrating the wide range of cultures and languages that can be found at our particular school - did you know that all the flags hanging in the corridors represent the countries of origin of past and present Glenwood students? At any one time we have families from almost every continent, speaking dozens of different languages.

CHCCS Make-up Days for Inclement Weather - Read Full Article

CHCCS has seven Snow Days to make-up in the coming weeks. Here is the list of what days are being made up when: February 17 is being made up on March 27; February 18 is being made up on June 11 and June 10 is now a full school day; February 19 is being made up on June 12, the Last Day of School, and students will be released two hours early; February 20 is being made up through Delayed Opening

Calendar Changes Due to Inclement Weather - Read Full Article

All the inclement weather in February means many changes in school calendar. Below are the changes for the next month and some for later in the year. Delayed openings for March 12, April 23, & May 21 are cancelled. March 27 Teacher Workday is now a student school day. Gatorific from February 25th is now scheduled on March 4th. Chinese New Year Celebration is now on March 5th beginning at 5:30